Kindle Daily Deals and Where to Find Them

Are you looking for eBook bargains?

Maybe even FREE eBooks?

Sites that help you do that are growing like kudzu.

By the way, a lady from Kentucky told me her sensible solution for getting rid of kudzu. She says all the government needs to do is classify it as something that will get you “high,” then thrillseekers will eradicate the aggressive plant overnight 🙂

I won’t be able to cover them all in one article, by a long shot, but here are my top three recommendations.

First, let’s look at what the deals are and why they exist.

What are Kindle Daily Deals?

There’s a big difference between the “Kindle daily deals” most folks hope to find and the official “Amazon Kindle Daily Deals.”

Amazon chooses the books they want to promote and few eBooks ever make the grade there. You might visit the Amazon page daily and not find a book you really want to read all year.

There are other places to look, though — including other places on Amazon — where you’ll almost certainly find eBooks you would love to own at steep discounts… maybe even FREE.

For the purpose of this article, then, we’re not talking about Amazon Kindle Daily Deals but about Kindle eBook promotions in general — whether by Amazon or not.

Deal? (couldn’t help myself)

Kindle Daily Deals and Where to Find Them – 3 Favorite Sites

These are the sites I typically check first. I’m not saying these are the best, only that they’re my current go-to platforms. If you know of a site that’s not listed here — but should be — let me know in the comments below and I’ll check it out.

Visiting eBook sites is one of my favorite activities.


Bookbub is the big boy in the lineup and the one you’ve most likely already heard about. Sign up for their daily emails in the categories you most care about and you’re good to go.

Bookbub doesn’t actually sell books. Bookbub links you to the seller. My personal take is that Bookbub leans heavily to the fiction side of eBooks. Looking for FREE eBooks? Here’s the Bookbub place to look: Limited Time Promotions.

Authors use Bookbub as a way to get their books noticed. It costs a few (hundreds) of dollars to get mentioned, and Bookbub is quite picky about who and what they let onboard… but the brand has some phenomenal success stories. Here’s where to get started: Bookbub Partners.

Bookbub is the big boy in the crowd. Check @BookBub for steep discounts.Click To Tweet


Manybooks lays claim to more than 130,000 members and over 33,000 FREE eBooks. No use waiting, here’s where to get signed up for Manybooks notifications: Manybooks eBooks.

One thing I notice is that “Free” on Manybooks is actually a link to a Kindle Unlimited book… meaning it’s free to read IF you’re a member of that program. You can also find downloadable public domain books on the site.

Promotion on Manybooks is a whole lot more affordable. For $25, you’ll get a basic listing in the newsletter and on the website. Quality requirements include a set number of reviews and ratings and a professional cover. Find out more here: Manybooks promotion.

Ereader News Today

The tagline for the site is “Free and Bargain Books for Your Kindle.” I like the simplicity of Ereader News Today. It’s a no frills, straightforward approach to getting the word out.

Don’t let the tagline fool you, though. You can get eBooks on Nook and other formats here too. Here’s where to check on their “Bargain and Free Books” section: Ereader Bargains.

Authors are going to pay $35 to $135 to get listed on Ereader Bargains. There’s also a difference in the requirements and availability of getting promoted as a free book or a book of the day. Here’s where to get more info: Ereader Bargains Pricing.

Kindle Daily Deals and Where to Find Them – Just a Beginning

I’ve already heard the rumble of folks wanting a bigger list here, so I’ll keep going.


Check out these excellent eBook websites and let me know what you think.

Any good finds?