How to Write an eBook

When are you going to finish that book?

When are you going to start?

Rod Collins is a retired U.S. Forest Service worker who now writes novels. It’s something he he’s always wanted to do, and now he has the time. He’s pretty darned good at it to.

Rod loves to ask people an off-the-wall question: “When’s that book going to be finished?” He says at least 80% of everyone he meets plans to write… someday.

Let’s talk about how to make some day THIS day.

You know there’s a book you need to write, a story you need to tell.

Let’s get it going!

How to Write an eBook – Getting Started

What’s your excuse, anyway?

No, really. What is it?

Here are some of the common reasons for not writing that eBook I hear just about every day:

  • I don’t have time to write
  • There are too many books already
  • I don’t write well enough
  • I don’t know my topic as deeply as I should
  • Everybody already knows this stuff anyway
  • I don’t have enough money to get it published

Do any of those sound familiar to you?

If you want to write an eBook, plan to write an eBook, know you SHOULD write an eBook… but you’re just not getting it done yet, help is here. Let’s dissect those excuses and send them packing.

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Reasons not to write: Not enough time

Let’s face the situation squarely. Most of us waste hours and hours every DAY!

Checking email constantly, watching YouTubes, staring at the TV, video games, social media, shopping — you name it — if you’ll look closely at your time, maybe even track what you do for a few days, you’ll be amazed at how much time you WASTE.

It’s a fact.

Look deeply at the reality and you’ll be shocked, absolutely shocked.

Here are some of the time management techniques I use. To get a free audio course on how to get on the road to where you really want to go, check out The DEEP. It’s free to readers and members of The eBook Dojo: CLICK HERE to get started.

How to Get Your Time Back

The DEEP gets nitty gritty about time management. Get it and you can get going quickly.

Here are a few tips to begin:

  • Assess the gap between where you are and where you want to go
  • Determine what it will take to bridge the gap
  • Map out the journey month by month, week by week, and day by day
  • Use time chunking to really focus on the task at hand
  • Use the MAP and the PAL to keep you on track (find out more in The DEEP)

Most importantly, take Mark Twain’s advice: Put your butt in a chair and start writing!

How to Defeat the Inner Critic

The rest of the excuses — too many books already, I don’t know enough, I’m not good enough — all come from a voice that has been running your life way too long.

If you’re passionate about a topic, you can write about it. Whatever you need to learn and whatever help you need along the way, you can learn, find, or get. The only thing stopping you is YOU!


Come on, now. The cat’s out of the bag.

The DEEP teaches a powerful, powerful way of dealing with the inner critic. Get that mp3 series (did I say it’s free to eBook Dojo readers?) and learn a technique that will absolutely change your life.

How to Write an eBook — The Bottom Line

When you want that book published badly enough, it will be published. If you need help or have questions you want answered, just ask. I love helping writers and entrepreneurs get books completed, formatting, and promoted to the right audience.

Desire and focus always win the day.

Do you want it?

You can do it.

Focus. Don’t turn back. Take the next step.