KDP Select – Is It a Good Idea for eBook Authors?

Are you wondering whether or not to enroll your eBook in the Amazon KDP Select program? Have you been told it’s Amazon’s way of locking up the rights to your sales and holding you captive? Do you think Smashwords might be a better way to go? Let’s look at the pros and cons of KDP […]

Kindle Daily Deals and Where to Find Them

Are you looking for eBook bargains? Maybe even FREE eBooks? Sites that help you do that are growing like kudzu. By the way, a lady from Kentucky told me her sensible solution for getting rid of kudzu. She says all the government needs to do is classify it as something that will get you “high,” then […]

Getting Started With eBook Writing

It’s easy to publish an eBook. Anyone can do it. But doing it right, getting your eBook read, and getting it seen by the audience you need to reach… that’s difficult. That’s why the eBook dojo is here. By studying the art of eBook writing and publishing, we can excel at the craft. After all, […]